About Me

Oliver NicksonMy name is Oliver Nickson and I am a family psychologist based in Adelaide, South Australia. I run a private practice.

I have had an interest in psychology ever since I was a teenager. During that time I lost a close friend to suicide and I couldn’t understand why they took their life. Ever since then I have been on a crusade to discover as much as I possibly can about mental health, what it takes to be mentally healthy, and how people can easily improve their mental wellbeing.

Even after completing a psychology degree I continue to research the area and discover more interesting facts all the time.

My goal with this website is to be able to share some valuable information and insights into psychology and mental health so you can improve your own mental wellbeing and perhaps even someone close to you.

I hope you enjoy reading the information on this site and find it useful too!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on an article or contact me directly via the contact page.

All the best!